Who We Are


The Lord is Able!

New Beginnings Christian Church is a Non-Denominational Christian Church in Mesa, AZ that is focused on lifting up the name of Jesus and striving to meet the needs of a hurting society by impacting the community and strengthening believers to live victoriously in Christ. Our mission is to reach the lost, equip the saved, and let the world know there is a reality in serving a risen Savior! We are a diverse group, reflecting Heaven; with a heart to serve all regardless of their station in life.

We are giving Away The Good News Freely.

  • No Membership Required
  • No Church Cloths Required
  • No perfect people allowed

Many people think Church isn’t necessary... that’s not true. Church doesn’t save you because it’s a building; WE are the Church - YOU included. It makes no difference if we gather in a brick building with pews and stained glass, a multi-purpose room, a megachurch, a renovated warehouse, or even a parking lot; but it does matter that we go somewhere. The meeting part matters. Collectively we must gather for worship, fellowship, discipleship and to gather the tools and knowledge needed to survive and thrive in a dying world, spread the good news, be a shining example, and live out the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

At New Beginnings we invite and welcome the hurt, ostracized, confused, weary, tired, burdened, disenfranchised, broken, parolees, probationers, skeptics, ex ......... and those tired of "religion" to join us. At New Beginnings it's about relationship and never membership. Church is a Hospital for the Sick and not a Museum for the Super Saved! The blessing with and in the fellowship is there is likely someone in the building who has struggled with your same issue and can testify about Gods deliverance, protection and provisions.

WE love YOU just like YOU are knowing God can make US all better as long as WE strive. WE don’t know it all, but YOU can learn and Grow with US!

Come and See, come and be!

Have we Mentioned... The Lord is Able!